The picture that has become the symbol of love and romance in the world, has started questioning him. In Florida, a famous statueUnconditional Surrender‘ created in memory of a historic moment during the war has been damaged by some people and wrote ‘#MeToo’ with red spray on it.

Actually, the story behind this statue is very different. After the end of World War II, people were celebrating happiness.

An American sailor, George Mendonsa, was also very happy to think that he will not have to go back to the sea. A nurse in Times Square was also standing. George was so happy that he grabbed the nurse standing in front of him and kissed him.

Sailor George Mendonsa, who was made in the statue, passed away on Monday at the age of 95. The nurse’s name in the statue is Greta Friedman, who is currently 95 years old. He had said in an interview some time ago That kiss was against their will.

In an interview, Greta said, “She was not a romantic moment. I did not like it in That was not what my consent was. The man came suddenly and caught me and kissed me.

Greta was also unaware of what would happen to her the next moment. At that time, a photographer named Alfred Eisenstaedt in Times Square had captured this moment in camera. A week later this photo was published in Life Magazine. This picture of Kissing became very popular. After this, many statuettes were also made in memory of this picture.

Some similar feedback George gave in an interview to CNN in 2015. He had said that he met that lady in Times Square. Due to excessive addiction, they might have grabbed Greta tightly. According to him, all of this had gone away in emotion.

After George’s death, some people have added it to ‘#MeToo‘ and damaged the statue. So far, the police have not been able to catch those people and investigations are continuing.

Police did not get any special help from CCTV cameras installed there. According to the police, this work has been done on Monday after George’s death. In the initial action now it has been revealed that this statue has lost approximately 71,000.

For information, tell us, ‘#MeToo’ Campaign began in October 2017. Since then, many women shared incidents of harassment with them on social media.

Many people have been pulling photos in this pose in front of this statue. So far, what was considered a romantic, for the first time, it has been seen from the perspective of sexual harassment.


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