World Hypertension Day
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World Hypertension Day

Today, we are beginning to celebrate World Hypertension Day due to the tension born of human life. World Hypertension Day is celebrated every year on May 17th worldwide. Hypertension or high blood pressure is a disease that has any prey. But this can happen only because of mental depression or stress, but because of bad habits.

Do you know that due to wrong eating habits, obesity, and disorderly lifestyle, there is hypertension too? The overwhelming burden on mind-brain also plays an important role in the formation of hypertension. Therefore, doctors often advise you not to stress.

Due to being stressful, hypertension disease has become quite common. At first, it was only in the grip of adults, but now even the young children are becoming victims of it. According to the statistics, after about 60 years, about 50 percent of the people are in the grip.

Increasing the risk of hypertension increases the likelihood of a heart attack. This disease is also called a silent killer. The introduction of high BP means inviting many other diseases. Due to long-lasting hypertension, there is a bad effect on other parts of the body such as heart, kidney, and eyes.

Ayurveda will get rid of the disease

If you want you can get rid of this disease by keeping your mind and mind calm. Let’s know how you can stay away from this disease through Ayurveda.

peace of mind

Through Yoga and Spirituality, you can keep yourself safe from diseases caused by hypertension. For this, you have to do yoga and spirituality on a regular basis. With this trick, you can solve the problems of your mind. It can also call Ayurvedic psychotherapy. In it, many asanas such as Pranayama, meditation, Shavasana Yoga Dorm, Shashankasana, Padmasana, Pawan Muktasanan, Kurmasan, Makarasan are very useful in diseases such as high blood pressure.

Regular exercise

Hypertension can also be controlled through exercise. Through this, you can go to a daily gym or park

Exercise Regular. Exercise is better if you are trained in a trainer. Often, due to the wrong exercise, they treat other problems.

Improvement in catering

People with hypertension should take special care of their diet. Your food should contain a lot of things like green vegetables, fruits, and salads. Apart from this, things like spicy and junk food should be avoided as much as possible.

Please include these things in the food

Two or three buds of garlic should be chewed with empty stomach water in the morning. If you have difficulty in chewing, you can take 5-6 drops of garlic juice in 20 ml water. Apart from this, fenugreek and celery water can also be used. Similarly, Triphala’s water can also be used. Soak 20 grams Triphala in the water at night and drinking water in the morning after mixing it with two teaspoons of honey, it provides relief in hypertension.


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