World Heart Day: Every year millions of people die due to heart diseases all over the world. Not only the elderly but also the youth are becoming victims of heart-related diseases. The changing lifestyle of people can be the reason for this. Our physical activity has become zero and junk food has become the first choice in food. Let’s know the 5 basic tips of health that we can stay away from these diseases.

Exercise daily
Exercise is the best option to stay safe from a heart attack. Exercise daily reduces the risk of heart disease. So do at least 15 minutes of exercise daily. If you want, you can walk. Walking keeps the heart-healthy.

Say no to oily food
The amount of oil in junk food is very high, which causes great harm to the heart. If you want to keep yourself away from heart disease, then avoid consuming oily things.

Why take stress
Depression or stress can also be a major cause of heart attack. Meditation can be done to keep yourself away from stress. Meditation brings peace of mind and reduces the risk of heart attack

Keep blood pressure under control
If you want to stay away from heart disease, then try to keep your blood pressure under control. Actually, high blood pressure patients are more at risk of getting heart disease.

Include omega-3 in your diet
Omega 3 fatty acids are found in fish. This benefits not only the eyes but also the heart in many ways. Eating fish once a week reduces the risk of a heart attack. Therefore, include fish in your diet.


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