EarphoneWorld Hearing Day 2019 : It is said that if the music is heard in a free time the person gets relieved. Following this point, we spend the day observing how many hours spend on listening earphones on the phone. There is no harm in listening to songs, but the earphones you use affect your ability to listen. Today, on World Hearing Day, you can tell about the negative effects of earphones and how to avoid this problem.

This time World Hearing Day theme is kept ‘Check Your Hearing’. According to the World Health Organization, there are 466 million people all over the world who have lost their ability to listen and this figure can cross 630 million in the future. It is said that the growing tilt towards people’s earphones is making the problem more serious.

Today World Health Organization (WHO) has launched a new app ‘hearWHO’ on World Hearing Day. These apps can be run on iOS and Android. And available on the Play Store. These apps will assess the hearing capacity of your ears. You just have to install the earphone and test it. After this, you will be given a score, which will tell you how good your listening ability is. If your score is low, then this app also advises you to show an ENT doctor.
By the way, many people in India have difficulty listening, but doctors say that this problem can be cured. By the way, tests like OAE and BERA are available, which can tell about the timing of the pain without pain, and you can get it treated at the right time.

By using more earphones you can be victims of these problems-

1. Dangers of Air Passage Closure – Today’s new earphones are coming with such technology that you can listen to everything in great sound. But you read these earphones in your ear canal, due to which the flow of air stops in the ears. This can cause you to suffer from the various type of ear infection.

2. The numbness of ears – Those people who use earphones for several hours a day, must have experienced this. When we keep the earphone for a long time and then remove it, our ear becomes numb. We have not heard anything clearly for a short time. Initially, this problem looks small, but in the long run, your ability to listen can be affected forever.

3. Negative impact on the brain – if you are using more than enough earphones, then it may have negative effects on your mind too. Earphones produce electromagnetic waves, which can affect our brain’s functioning for a long time. Let us say that the inner part of our ear is connected to the brain, so if there is a problem in the ear, then its effect may be on our mind too.


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