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A woman was pregnant with two men simultaneously

A woman was pregnant with two men at the same time. However, he did not do any planning, Rather she spent a night with another man by cheating her husband.

The case was revealed when the woman became the mother of twins. The appearance of both children was different. The woman’s husband felt strange seeing the appearance of a child. After this, the DNA of women’s children was tested.

Because of the DNA test, the woman put the truth in front. She admitted that she had slept with another man. Before knowing the truth, however, the husband’s husband was repeatedly questioning. Please tell that the incidence of being pregnant with only one male is very rare.

This case belongs to the city of Jiangsu in China. Daily Mail has said in a Chinese newspaper that when the couple came to register the birth of the children, the whole story was revealed. To complete the registration of birth, Kapal was asked to do a Paternity test. A DNA test revealed that the father of both the children of the two children is different.

Director of Fujian Zengtai Forensic Identification Center said that DNA result showed that a child did not have a biological relationship established by his father. The director said that after coming to the DNA result, the husband was very angry and wanted to know the truth from his wife.

At the beginning, the wife refused to have any affair and her husband started accusing him for a false report. But husband inquired further with his wife. After this, he admitted that he slept with someone else.

The wife told that she was One Night Stand. The father said that he wants to raise his child, but not the children of the other. Let it be said that it can be possible to wait for another pregnancy within one day to relate to another man. But this way the pregnancy of two pregnancies is the only exception.


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