Hi this is Lisa I want to share with you our answer to the question. Which CMS should I use for my website. So this is in 2018 and wants to share with you some of our experience dealing with the different CMS’s and back-ends available out there.

WordPress is the king of the internet TMI stands for content management system and as you can see here WordPress powers 51% of the entire Internet. It’s essentially the backbone that the Internet is built upon. So if you’re looking for developers a WordPress is gonna have the most developers out of anything else as you can see it holds a significant amount over the next closest competitor which could be Joomla at 7%. So you’re gonna be able to find a lot more developers. It’s more easily extendable than any of the other tools out there. It’s just more common so you’re gonna have an easier time working with WordPress. Than anything else now this also means that it’s the most targeted by hackers and there are vulnerabilities. Because it’s the most used. There’s also where we’re gonna find the most vulnerable. It’s there’s just where the attention is now vulnerabilities are mostly caused by the plugins and typically outdated plugins and haven’t been fixed to the current security standards. So keep that in mind when you’re working within WordPress and for a lot of users do add plugins constantly to their site.

WordPress can end up having what we call WordPress bloat now. WordPress bloat means it’s more code yeah that’s unnecessary the slower your site will be and WordPress. when you use a lot of different plugins for the site for a lot of unnecessary code from say for example a theme that you pre-purchase and comes with its own plugins and a lot of code. That you’re not necessarily using for your particular business. Then you will have a slower site there. You have a WordPress below. So we’re going to trim or for us. Now the the blow the vulnerabilities these are all this this is not unique to WordPress. These are the same problems. You’re going to encounter with any CMS so the solution before you say which CMS should I use before you even answer that question. The question is do we need a CMS and not always the solution and sometimes be a static site. Now all this means is we’re using simply HTML CSS and JavaScript there’s not gonna be a back-end there’s not gonna be an admin panel you don’t have a dashboard or the user interface. Where you can edit the content within your website.

All right because you have to actually work within the market club. No why choose a static site. It’s faster to load it’s faster to build. Because you’re not having to build the back-end that faster load. Because you’re not learning so much code less expensive because you don’t have to hire a back-end developer there’s little to no maintenance and that can be avoided blessing. It occurs number there’s no plugins to be hacked and there’s no learning curve for how to use the CMS. Because there isn’t a CMS but why didn’t she do choose that excited.

Well if you won’t be updating your website with new content on a regular basis weekly monthly such as a blog or e-commerce choose a static site. You know I’m gonna be updating your site anyway so just choose that excited will be faster it’ll be better for you know. If your business has a simple call to action just like a car last and put your contact info etc. You can get away with having just a static site you don’t need a full back-end for anything like that. If you’re publishing static information about your company and there’s no need for any dynamic interactions. You can get away with using a static site then it might be the best stop right just simple static site on the dedicated server with SSL and encrypted HTTPS. Then that’s that’s a pretty good option for most of the businesses who are gonna be changing their website or information site constantly on a regular basis.

When did you see a mess when she’s not the static site right. If you’re gonna be updating content on the site regularly you need to see much there’s just no way around it. Unless you’re developing yourself and are willing to and you know capable of it willing to most of all update. The site to the actual markup language also. If you’re going to be selling products and require eCommerce functionality. CMS is absolutely crucial and critical right. So what are some of the options for CMS’s.

Well we have hosted and open source solutions so hosted would be something like a square space Wix Weebly and open source. We have WordPress and Drupal so those are our options and I will share with you some of the benefits of each here. Now when do you need a hosted solution what do you choose a hosted solution. It’s going to be a portfolio or a brochure site hosted solution is a great choice. If you don’t require custom functionality hosted solution absolutely. If you don’t want to deal with hosting or server administration hosted solution a hundred percent of the way and this is a good option for individuals non-business uses. Maybe even some small businesses that will be changing their website too much or Justina. You know sometimes. It’s gonna have something and sensitive online presence for the website but not having it at all. If you’re gonna do it yourself hosted solution is the way to go forget it. Choose open source you’re gonna you’re gonna want to do. So if you require custom functionality of pretty much any kind because there are limitations within any hosted solution. Because you can’t access their source code and add your custom features. Yeah there you have some limitations there if you want control and flexibility open source all the way and if you have a budget for developers.

Open source is gonna be the way to go so the hosted solution usage as you can see for the top 10,000 sites. The majority are on Wix and Weebly at 20 percent each and Squarespace at 50%. So those are the most common solutions there if you go down to the top hundred thousand sites again. We’re looking at Squarespace being more popular there in wicks and Weebly at thirteen percent respectively each of them for many of your needs. WordPress will be the most accommodating it’s flexible customization and there’s plenty of good.

WordPress developers you can easily find a WordPress developer if there’s anything that you need to add onto your site right and they have all the plugins. The most plugins and the most themes out there available. So if you want to just have a little cost solution. WordPress can easily be done. It’s actually Drupal is an enterprise level solution there’s gonna be fewer developers. They’re gonna be harder to find. They’re gonna be much more expensive. I would only choose Drupal if absolutely necessary for some of our larger clients who require certain features. Don’t want to be on WordPress there is a bit of a security issue there being on WordPress. If you have if you have an enterprise level need then Drupal would be a good choice because there’s less vulnerabilities to something like Drupal. That’s not where the target they’re targeting right. So there’s fewer developers for Drupal as well episode Squarespace is a good hosted solution for small businesses looking to DIY. It’s got an excellent selection of templates to choose from so you can plug and play your content into a pre-designed theme.

Now wakes and Weebly are good choices for individuals looking to showcase their work in a portfolio. However if you’re running a business consider that using Wix or Weebly comes across as unprofessional this is unfair to Wix and Weebly. Because they’ve worked hard to actually improve the product offering, but you can’t be public perception right and if someone sees the Underwood’s or Weebly site I’m less inclined to believe or give the Liberty to that site so which CMS should I choose well here’s my answer you need versatile. WordPress is the most versatile back-end CMS right for the majority of users. That’s gonna be the one that’s gonna be the way to go Drupal is really for enterprise solutions only. You need to have a good team of developers to manage a Drupal site and keep it updated and fresh Squarespace is a good hosted solution for small businesses looking to DIY and Wixon Weebly our best for individuals and personal projects now. I hope that this was helpful to you and will help you when you’re designing and developing your next website for your business. Thanks!



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