This feature related to privacy in WhatsApp is quite useful. Because it usually happens that none of your contacts add you to any group without your permission.


WhatsApp’s New Feature: Instant messaging app WhatsApp announced a new privacy feature for Indian users a few months ago. This privacy feature is specifically for the group. The company had said that this feature will be given to Android and iOS users. Under this, no other user can add them to the group without permission from any user. Now, this feature is being extended and launched for more users.

According to a report by WABetainfo, the company is increasing the support of this feature. This blog says, ‘Today WhatsApp is finally expanding the scope of its test, group privacy settings are now being given to more and more Android and iOS users. This is important because many users were added to a group without their consent.

Hopefully, you will be using this feature and it has already come in your WhatsApp. But now after updating the app, you will be told about a new feature. Here you will find a screen where the new group privacy settings will be told.

In this group privacy settings, you will get some options. Among these was the option of Everyone, My Contacts or Nobody. If you select Nobody, then if you add someone to your group, then you will have an invitation request which you can accept or declare. The Nobody feature has been replaced after the update.

This group privacy settings of WhatsApp has replaced the Nobody feature with this update. Now the option of My contacts except has been given in its place. That is, you will also be able to decide which of your contacts can add to the group and which do not.

According to the report, this feature is being released in the beta update of WhatsApp iOS, but when the final build will come, it is not clear at the moment.


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