end-to-end encryption

USA Thinking of Banning To end-to-end encryption

According to a report by American magazine Politico, the American Trump government is thinking of banning to end-to-end encryption. Significantly, the world’s most widely used instant messaging app is based on this encryption. Apart from this, Apple’s message and face time are also based on end-to-end encryption. Other Secure Apps like Signal also use it.

To understand end-to-end encryption in simple terms, it is a kind of encryption system under which only the sender and the receiver can read the message in the chatting. Under this, neither the company nor any law agency in any country can read that message. It is preferred throughout the world for privacy, but in some countries, it is objected.

According to a report from Politico, American Officials are interacting with potential encryption bans. It has been said in this report that the Trump Administration has recently received this encryption system for discus. It is also being reported that the National Security Council meeting also talks about end-to-end encryption and it has also been the main focus.

However, no decision has been taken so far and now the discussion continues over whether to end the end-to-end encryption or change it. Let’s tell you Donald Trump had criticized Apple before becoming a U.S. President. It was due to Apple’s decision to not unlock an iPhone from a San Bernardino shooter.

Apple had refused to unlock the iPhone by offering a policy for the user’s privacy. However, the FBI subsequently unlocked the iPhone by giving approximately $1 million to a security firm. According to the report, after the move by the FBI, Apple also removed the loophole that the FBI had unlocked the iPhone from a security firm.

If end-to-end encryption is removed then it will not only affect the US but also in India. WhatsApp users are the most in India and Whatsapp also uses end to end encryption. Recently, an official of WhatsAppAs said that if WhatsApp is not end-to-end encryption then its identity will end.

You have to see what the Trump government decides on this matter and how the Tech companies react to it.


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