The Google Chrome browser is quite popular worldwide. If you also use this browser, then you should update it soon. Google has released the Argent software update for the Chrome web browser. This update is for users around the world.

Chrome 77.0.3865.90 version has been updated and has 1 critical and 3 high-risk security patches. Due to serious flaws, hackers can remotely hack your system or take it under their control.

The security team of Google Chrome has only told that hackers could be helped in Remote Code Execution due to the four flaws of Google Chrome. It has now been fixed through an update. Taking advantage of these flaws, hackers could change the data of memory, the software of the system could be affected.

According to the report, Google has given $ 60000 (42.5 lakh rupees) to the two people who exposed these flaws. Different researchers have found these flaws. This flaw was so serious that if a hacker took advantage of it, then the target user can steal his information by just clicking on the link of the website.

This drawback is also called use after flow. It is worth noting that as soon as new updates are introduced in the Google Chrome Browser, users are informed through notifications. If you have shown or not shown these notifications, then still you update Google Chrome.

To update Google Chrome, you can go to Help and click on About Google Chrome, here you will get the option of update. Let me tell you that this flaw was in the Chrome browser for Windows, Mac, and Linux.


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