Cyber Attack

The world’s most popular search engine and browser developer company Google has issued a warning to Google Chrome to update. Google issued a warning to its users and said that the existing version of Google Chrome may have a cyber attack. So warning users that you update your Google Chrome to latest version 72.0.3626.12. Google Chrome has rolled out the Latest Version 72.0.3626.12 last week.

While releasing this latest version, Google did not say that what has been fixed in it. Google later said that the new version of CVE-2019-5786 has been rolled out by fixing the new version.

Google told through his blog post that after fixing CVE-2019-5786, Google Chrome’s latest version has been rolled out on March 1. This update is rolled out with Google Chrome auto updates. We want to let users know that they check their version of Google Chrome once. If you do not have the latest versions of Google Chrome version 72.0.3626.12, then please update your Google Chrome as soon as possible.

Google has told through a blog post that in the last version of Google Chrome, Bug CVE-2019-5786, Security and Desktop Engineer Justin Shu tweeted several tweets that this disturbance or bug is quite different from the previous bug. This bug targets Google Chrome’s code, after which users have to restart the browser.

Google’s Analysis Group members first found out about this bug on February 27. This bug affects Google Reader’s file reader feature. Google’s file reader is a feature that reads the files saved on the computer. Affecting this feature can affect the personal and important information of the people.



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