Twitter-CEO-Jack-DorseyTwitter CEO Jack Dorsey, Photo Source- Reuters

The CEO of the micro-blogging website Twitter and some senior officials have now refuted the proposal before the Indian parliamentary committee. Twitter officials were summoned by the Indian parliamentary committee headed by Lok Sabha MP Anurag Thakur. This committee has been created for information-technology. The committee officials wanted to discuss how to protect the interests of the people on social media. The committee gave about 10 days to Twitter officials. However, Twitter has refused to present this time, saying it is a short time.

According to information received from sources in News Agency language, the Indian parliamentary committee led by BJP MP Anurag Thakur had summoned the letter on February 1. Let me tell you, the first date was discussed on February 7, but later the date was extended so that Twitter officials could get enough time to come.

The letter written by the committee to Twitter on February 1, was written: “The head of the institution is to appear before the committee. The chief can bring any other member along with him. ‘ According to the information received, a member of the committee has informed that Twitter has refused to send its CEO to appear before the committee for the time being. According to sources, in spite of giving 10 days to travel, Twitter has refused to appear before the committee giving reasons for ‘giving notice of hearing in a short time’.

In the letter written by Parliamentary Committee Twitter’s Global Head of Political, Political, Trust and Security, Vijaya Gadda, he wrote, “Any person working for Twitter India, in relation to our rules related to the content and account in India. Does not make any effective decision ‘ Later in the letter, “Indian officials were not happy to send to a junior employee for the representation of the parliament before the Indian parliamentary committee, especially when they have no right to take decisions.”

Let me tell you recently the members of the right-wing organization Youth for Social Media Democracy protested outside the Twitter office and had alleged that Twitter had done “right-wing anti-right” and closed their accounts. Although Twitter has dismissed these allegations. Twitter says that the company does not discriminate on the basis of ideology.


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