ban on China's social media app TikTok
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The US has taken a tough step amid the ongoing dispute with China. The US has imposed a 45-day ban on China’s social media app TikTok. Also, in the order, it has been said that ByteDance, the Chinese company that runs TikTok, should sell it in 45 days. Otherwise, the ban will be held for 45 days. If it sells first, the ban can be removed first.

US President Donald Trump has said in an executive order from ByteDance, a Chinese company that runs TikTok, that he should sell it, otherwise TikTok will be banned in the US for the next 45 days.

In the order issued by Trump, it is written that TikTok automatically collects the information of the users. It also includes information about the internet and other networks. Such as location data, browsing, and search history.

By collecting this data, the Communist Party of China can threaten the American people. May misuse it. Also, China can benefit from knowing the location of our federal employees and contractors.

China can blackmail any citizen of America with personal data deposited through this social media app. Not only this, but China can also do corporate fraud or harm in America.

It has also been claimed that TikTok is against every content that the Communist Party of China opposes for its political gains. It can also happen that TikTok benefits the Communist Party by taking advantage of any information wrongly.

It is written in the order that all these actions will be banned for the next 45 days after the order is issued. Its operation will be allowed based on American law only.

If the Chinese company ByteDance sells TikTok to someone in the US, then this ban may be lifted.

It has been written in the order that if the management of ByteDance wants to sell its company or other companies connected to it or they want to do any such activity, then they are those under Section 1(c) of this order, US Secretary of Commerce. Meet with


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