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Bone weakness is dangerous in many ways. When the bones become weak, the chances of breaking down on a small blow or injury may increase. Apart from this, there may be diseases like osteoporosis and osteopenia. The problem of bone weakness is seen in Indian women. The reason for this is that most women are not able to take care of their diet and health properly between family responsibilities. Problems like osteoporosis and osteoporosis can occur at any age. Let’s tell you what to do to prevent this from happening and how you should investigate these diseases.

Bones weakness at an early age

Problems with weakening bones are generally considered to be a problem of old age. But nowadays, such problems have started to appear in 20-30 years. The main reason for this is that people’s catering has changed. Young boys and girls are consuming junk foods, fast foods, cold drinks and high-fat foods instead of eating healthy things and homemade food. Bone weakness further increases the risk of osteoporosis.

Many unknown causes also cause bones to weaken

Sometimes bone density can be reduced due to the side effects of any disease or medication. Young women can also have osteoporosis. This type of osteoporosis is called second-party osteoporosis. Often times, young women become osteoporosis due to unknown reasons. It is called idiopathic osteoporosis.
Menopause (menopause) increases after hazard

Estrogen levels decrease in men due to menopause, causing the bones to become weak. In some women, this loss of bones is faster than other women. And there are two important factors for osteoporosis.

Bone density, ie low bone density during menopause: Before you begin menopause, start taking care of your bones. This will reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

Bone weakness after reaching menopause: Some women’s bones start becoming weak faster than other women. Indeed, in the first five to seven years of menopause, the bone density of women decreases by 20 percent. In women who have low bone density, they are more prone to osteoporosis.

How to check osteoporosis

Bone Density Test is done on a DXA machine. DXA stands for Dual X-ray Absorptiometry The results of this investigation include a Z Score and a T Score. Tea score gives information about women who have acquired menopause and diagnosis of men over 50 years old. But there is no information about women before menopause. At the same time, Z Score gives information about what your normal bone density should be at your age.


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