In today’s time, the problem of digestive is very common. Due to poor digestion, the person always feels uncomfortable and remains in stress. At the same time, if the fixation is okay then there will be no problems like heaviness and constipation. You will feel refreshed throughout the day and will be happy. But how can it be corrected, it is a big question. So let’s tell you today, 5 exercises which will reduce weight even as the diagram improves-

1. Walking fast – fast walking is also a great exercise in itself. By running 30 to 45 minutes a day, your digestive system is fine and you stay away from many diseases. Increasing weight quickly decreases weight too quickly.

2. Cycling- Cycling We all have been in childhood. But do you know cycling makes your digestive system run smoothly? Yes, regular bicycling makes the food properly digested. Bicycling is also the best exercise to lose weight.

3. Crunches- If you are struggling with gas or stomach problems, then these exercises are made for you. Crunching makes stress on your stomach issues and your diagnostic system stays on track. You can do many types of wrinkles, such as leg crunch, long arm crunch etc. Explain, you can also create abs by doing a crunch.

4. By doing Yoga – you can get rid of all diseases. There are several types of poses in Yoga, which makes the digestion good. For example, Boat Poss, Child Poss, Triangle Poss etc. These asanas get rid of acidity and many diagnostic disorders. Weight control can also be done with yoga.

5. Take deep breaths – Yes, your breathing pattern also affects your digestion. If you have chest pain or heaviness complaint, then these exercises are for you. Just sit down and take deep breaths, this will make you feel relieved and stress will be less.


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