Even if you do not have control overseeing pizza-burgers despite worrying about weight, then now there is good news for you. According to a new study, if you take a few minutes to sit around the pizzas and burgers or things that bring water in such a mouth, then you will feel full.

If you are standing for less than 30 seconds around delicious fatty things, then you will draw this fragrance on your side and your craving will increase further. But if you keep the scent of food for 90 seconds then your senses will be satisfied.

In this study, people were tested for the effect of an aroma of different things like strawberry, apple, biscuits, pizza, and burgers.

Experts say that air freshener manufacturers can produce products like the scent of food to prevent people from eating fatty and more sugar products. This will also prevent the problem of obesity spreading around the world.

Studies have said that restaurants and fish chips remain in contact with fragrances coming out of the shops for longer periods of time, then these things will end up eating the mind themselves.

Scientists say that the brain does not necessarily recognize the source of the sensory pleasure and that is why it happens.

Study of Arthur Professor Deepan Biswas said, the option of staying in the middle of his smell may be helpful to stop tremendous craving for any fatty food. He said that steps, like putting banned or taxing completely on fatty and sugary things to stop the epidemic of obesity across the world, will never prove to be effective.

This study has been published in the Journal of Marketing Research. After this study, companies that make room freshener in the coming time can encourage people to eat healthy food by making a food scent air freshener and room spray.

Soothing 2 minutes will erase the hunger of the mind

In the study, Dr. Biswas and his colleagues kept the participants in the scent of strawberry, apple, biscuit, and pizza. Those who slept unhealthy things for less than 30 seconds, the craving of those people increased even more.
But when the participants were kept between the nonsense of non-hedged things for two minutes or more, their crew ended and instead of eating harmful things, they decided to eat healthy things like apples and strawberries.

Before the study was told that if the fragrance of food smells once in your nose, you are forced to buy it.

Dr. Biswas said that if you take this turtle for 120 seconds then it will help you not to say really damaged food and you will lose weight. He said that in the US, a company is already making Cupcake centrally and cookie reserved air freshener.

Restaurants are used to eating food sticks.

Dr. Biswas said, Ambient St. is being used extensively to compete in the market competition, to attract competition and to attract consumers. It is common to use retail stores, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants and cafeterias, airplanes and stadiums. So far, the manager used to pay attention to the visual and auditory, but now the fragrance is also being taken care of. For example, Samsung sprays Honeydew Mellon’s fragrance in its New York flagship store. Sometimes in restaurants, such artificial food sticks are used, which are not even in their menu.

He said that this study has studied the effect of food sticks on consumers’ choice of food sticks.


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