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Facebook Is Testing A New Feature, Likes Will Not Appear

Facebook is testing a new feature. Reports were already coming about it, now it is almost confirmed. Facebook is working on a feature that...

Sunny Leone is vegetarian or non-vegetarian?

Source :- Sunny Leone Facebook Page. Sunny Leoni is vegetarian or nonagenarian? This question will be in most people's mind. To know the answer, you...
Off Facebook Activity Tool

Facebook launches “Off Facebook Activity Tool”, will be beneficial for you

Facebook Privacy Tool - The company has introduced a tool to give users a little more control over the data. Although the company had...

Avengers: Marvel Made Announcements Of 11 New Projects After The Endgame

 11 New Projects Of Marvel After Avengers: The Endgame Superhero movie Avengers: The end of the 10 year-long eras of Marvel Universe with Endgame. Starting...
iPhone series

Apple iPhone series Will Be Launched Tomorrow, Know The Price And Every Detail Of...

Tomorrow, on September 10, the American tech company Apple will launch a new iPhone series. Apple Special Event. During this time the company will...

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