Stalkerware Apps Deleted From Play Store

For the past some time Google has been removing apps from our app platform Play Store. The reason is that these apps are dangerous for customers in many ways. Recently, Google banned a large Chinese developer and together with nearly 60 apps coming out of it from the Play Store.

Anti-virus company Avast has said that the company has found Stalkware applications on the Android Play Store. Stalkware, those apps are said to monitor or spy on users in a smartphone. The Trekker app can also call it.

According to Avast, these Stalkware apps were downloaded more than 1.30 million times. After reporting this anti-virus company, Google has removed four of these apps from the Google Play Store. The company also said that Google’s policy prohibits commercial spyware applications and encourages users to report them. If you also see such an app, you can report it and remove it by checking in your smartphone.

Significantly, Stalkware or Spyware applications are usually designed for children’s safety. Many times such applications are also designed to track lost mobile. But some people use it with the intention of intention and spy on people.

There are many types of tracking options in these apps. They have information related to call logs, contact information, location tracking, and text messaging. According to a report of CNET, this app called Spy Tracker was being promoted as an app that kept children safe on the Play Store.

This app’s attacker needs physical access to the mobile phone. But once it is installed and logged on, it has the option to hide it, which makes it difficult for ordinary users to find it.

Avast’s Mobile Threat Intelligence and Security Head Nicholas has said, “These apps are completely illegal and are in trouble for people’s privacy. These apps should not be kept on the Google Play Store because they promote the Criminal Behavior and with this, the Employer, Stockers, and Abusers may use it to spy on people wrongfully.

These apps are also dangerous because sometimes they do not even catch the anti-virus. To remove it from mobile, users have to reset the factory to their smartphone.


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