Women Sexual Satisfaction

Women are satisfied after reaching the peak pleasure of 20 consecutive times in one session of sexual activity. It has been revealed recently in a report printed in the British newspaper Mirror.

According to the report, two percent of women in research reach peak pleasures for 20 consecutive times, while 8 percent are satisfied only after 10 extreme pleasures. Celebrity Sex Expert Dr. Delvin and Dr. Christina Weber conducted online surveys.

A total of 1,250 girls aged 20 to 24 participated in this survey. In the survey, she was asked about sexual arousal in sexual activity. According to Dr. Devlin, we believed that there would be fewer times to reach extreme sexual intercourse in sexual activity.

But in our survey, almost 70 percent of women said that during sexual activity, she has reached this stage many times. There was another thing in this survey.

According to the research, it is common for women to get out of control. More than half the women participating in the survey have admitted that they have experienced it in their sexual life.

In this way, you openly disconnect sex life from your partner. Know their likes and dislikes as well. This will make your sex life healthy.



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