After the success of this research, new medicines for itching treatment can be found. Itching after a stage is caused by eczema, diabetes or in some cases cancer.


Why Humans Get Itching

Our spinal cord carries the signs of humans itching to the brain. It has been discovered by researchers. Reading a paper published in the Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials will help in better understanding of itching and find new medicines to treat chronic itching. Itching which is often caused by eczema, diabetes or in some cases cancer.

Professor Martin Goulding of the Salk Institute in California said, “The itchy sensation travels to the brain in a different way from other sensations associated with touch, and the path passes through the spinal cord, which is a specific pathway.”

Researchers have previously discovered a set of inhibitory neurons in the spinal cord that acts as breaks for cells. They keep the spinal cord that passes the sensation of itching to the brain most of the time.

These neurons produce the neurotransmitter neuropeptide Y (NPY). These form the path of the sensation of itching to the brain, which always keeps the path open in case of chronic itching.

Experiments conducted on mice found that in the absence of these neurons they do not get the sensation of itching. But during the experiment, when the number of these neurons was increased again by the dose of medicines, they started to get the sensation of constant itching. Even she was not being itchy by touching, yet her brain was getting the message that itching was happening and she was behaving like that.


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