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Indian e-commerce payment system and financial technology company Paytm has renamed its Twitter account to Binod. It is understandable that Paytm has taken this step after being challenged by a Twitter account named Gabbar. This tweet has been pinned to the top with ‘Done’ comment by Paytm.

What is binod?

This word named Binod has emerged on social media. #Binod is one of the top trends in India on Twitter. More than 50k has been tweeted on this. The term began with a video posted by the YouTube channel Slayy Point. In this video, presenters Abhyudaya and Gautami thought that they would see the comment section of the Indian YouTube channels.

In this video created by the channel titled ‘Why Indian Comments Section is Garbage (BINOD)’, he started reading the strange comments of the comment section. One of these comments was ‘Binod’, which was posted by a user named Binod Tharu.

Slayy Point’s video went viral and many Indian YouTube content creators noticed that Binod has been written in many places in their comment section. Now netizens are posting funny mimes on this. Taking the challenge of this, Paytm also changed his name on Twitter to Binod.


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