Facebook and Whatsapp

Parliamentary Standing Committee on Information Technology can now summon Facebook and Whatsapp. According to a report, before the elections of 2019, the committee can call the two companies to discuss the security of civil rights on social media. Earlier, the committee also summoned Twitter.

In his report, quoted by the people related to the matter, ET has stated in the report that in the month of March, WhatsApp and Facebook can be called. The committee will first meet Twitter because the meeting was canceled earlier. In the wake of the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections in India, social media companies are coming under scrutiny On February 25, Twitter’s global top official has been asked to appear before the parliamentary committee. Earlier, Twitter officials refused to appear before referring to a short time.

There is still the need to send summon to Facebook and WhatsApp. The committee is now focusing heavily on Twitter. In response to a member of the committee, ET has reported in the report that Facebook and Whatsapp will also be discussed on the basis of questions asked by Twitter, but since both of these users have different accessibility, then the questions will be changed accordingly. The name of the member has not been taken in the report.

According to the reports, Twitter was summoned for the first time on February 11, but the panel refused to meet representatives of Twitter India and emphasized that CEO Jacob Dorsey must present it within 15 days. However, in the upcoming meeting on February 25, the panel has agreed to the fact that if the Dorsi does not exist then they will meet a senior official of the Twitter Global Management Team.


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