People do not do anything to get rid of depression. Some people consume a variety of medicines, some people change their entire diet. But when there is no relief, people get more trouble than before, and in this way, people get trapped in the swamp of depression. But according to a new study, your depression cannot be cured by eating medicines.

According to a report published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, a nutritional supplement is not effective in correcting your depression. In this study, those people from the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, and Spain were included, who are not depressed but are on the verge of becoming. 1000 people have been taken samples for this study. The study, which lasted for a year, gave nutritional supplements to some people. While some were given a placebo and some people were lifestyle coaching.

Although the results of the study are not very positive on any aspect, it has been said that changes in diet and behavioral therapy are able to reduce the depression to a lesser extent. Professor Ed Wattkin, researcher of this study says, “Depression has become a very common problem, which is taking a lot of people into its grip, it is necessary to find solutions. After this study, we can say that taking a nutritional supplement does not reduce depression. But changing the diet can reduce depression to a lesser degree. There is a need to do more and more to confirm this completely.

After this study, it can be said that if you include fruits, vegetables, fish, pulses and dairy products in your diet then you will be healthy and the risk of depression will also be lower. If you are a victim of obesity, start losing weight, this will reduce your depression.



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