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Perhaps it has happened many times that you have gone somewhere to visit or have gone to some work and need to use the bathroom or public toilet and you have not seen around. In such a situation, you usually ask a nearby shopkeeper about public restrooms or seek help on the way. But still, many times there is no help. But now to avoid such difficulties, you can take the help of Google.

More than 57,000 public toilets will be available

Google has partnered with the Swachh Bharat Mission and the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs. Under this partnership, the public toilet will also be shown on Google Maps. On Wednesday, Google announced that it has added more than 57,000 public toilet locations in 2,300 cities in India to Google Maps. That is, users of 2,300 cities in India will be able to search public toilets in Google Maps, like metro stations, petrol pumps, ATMs, hotels and chemists.

Google started the pilot project in 2016 to add public restrooms to Google Maps. This pilot project was started in three cities of India – New Delhi, Bhopal, and Indore. Now the project has been expanded to more than 2,600 cities in India.

Do search like this

To find the location of public restrooms near you, you just have to type ‘public toilets near me’. You have to type this text in Google Search, Google Assistant or Google Maps. After this, the results will be told to you by Google.


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