iOS 13

Apple has released iOS 13 Update for iPhone users around the world. Many major changes have been made in this update. New features are added, improvements are made and some visual changes have also been made. iPhone 11 series has been launched. If you have iPhone models of iPhone X, XR or above, then you might not need to buy iPhone 11 series.

The iPhone 11, 11 Pro does not have any features that are groundbreaking. Almost all the features except sloppy are now available in other high-end Android smartphones. There is nothing revolutionary in the display this time as compared to the iPhone XS. So if you update iOS 13, then you get many new features in it which are in the iPhone 11 series.

Let us tell you that Apple CarPlay has also been updated with this update and it has been completely changed now.

Let’s know about the special features found in iOS 13 Fine Build.

3D Touch is ending

iPhone, which has not been given 3D Touch, can now bring features with 3D Touch by long press on an app with the new update. The company is phasing out 3D Touch with this update because smartphones that have been given 3D Touch can also long-press the app to bring 3D Touch features.

Dark mode

People are enjoying this feature very much. There are also some wallpapers under Dark Mode which adjust themselves according to the Dark Mode. After the update, you will get the option of Dark and Light in the beginning. Later you can enable this mode by going to Settings and going to Appearance.

New Design of Photo Gallery

Now the photos will look differently in the gallery. Here all your pictures and videos will be organized according to day, month and year.

Editing Tools

Now you can edit videos as well as photos. By applying effects, you will be able to do basic editing comfortably.

Find My (iPhone)

After the iOS 13 update, a new app will come in your smartphone. Find My (iPhone) – With this app, you can locate the iPhone around you. Not only your own but also your friends’ iPhones can be located. Under this, you can share the location with friends and family and in the same way, they can share the location with you. The phone can be remotely tracked, locked and erased data.

Sign in with Apple

Under this new feature given in iOS 13, you can save the login details of other apps here so that you do not have to enter the password for the application again and again. It works on two-factor authentication and the hassle of entering the password will be over every time. The company has said that no details will be shared with the third party.

At present, only a few applications are supporting it, but in the coming time, many apps will support it.

Silent unknown callers

Go to Settings and search for Unknown Callers. From here you can select Silence Unknown Callers. The phone will become silent when a call comes from any number.

Apart from all these features, you will also notice changes in notifications. On pressing the volume keys, the icon of the volume up down will appear. Face ID of iPhone with Face ID is already fast.

Many new features and changes have been made to Safari browsers. In the Safari browser, you can now set a limit and time for old tabs, so that months old tabs can be closed by themselves. New features have also been provided in Notes. There will be new features in the reminder.

If Apple CarPlay is used, then the entire interface will look new. Maps will appear on the home page and on the side is the option of Food, Drinks which can be directly navigated. A new settings option is also added. You will also see the Do Not Disturb feature here.

The most special feature of the new update of Apple CarPlay is that the maps running in the display of the car will not be hidden while changing songs in the phone or while opening some other app.


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