From the year 2015 to 2018, the technique of machine learning and artificial intelligence, with the help of technology, was noticed. This year, many new features like Accumulated Analytics, Expandable Artificial Intelligence are going to come, which will make people’s lifestyle easier for the next 3 to 5 years. Today, we are going to tell you about a new 10 technology that will make people’s life easier this year.

Augmented Analytics  First of all, talk of the Augmented Analytics feature, this could prove to be a new boon for the Data Analyst market. In this, analytics content will be developed by transforming Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technology. This feature can be rolled out by 2020.

Augmented Data Management – Talk about the Augmented Data Management feature, this feature will be used to convert metadata to audit, linkage and reporting.

Continuous intelligence – Real Tyne Analytics can be done through continuous Intelligence feature. It will be used for business operation and processing. This feature can be rolled out commercially by 2022.

Expandable AI – Explainable AI will be used to replace human decision making. This will basically be used to develop the trust between the stakeholders to the customers.

Graph – Graph analysis will be used for transactions. Graphical Representation of Analytics will be done through this.

Data fabric – Data Fabrics can be used to facilitate the sharing and use of data.

Conventional Analytics – This new technology will be used to generate queries through search and natural language processing.

Commercial Artificial Intelligence – By 2022, 75 percent of new end users will get access to technology like commercial artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Blockchain – This technique will be used to prevent untrusted transactions.

Precision memory server – This technique will be used to reduce the cost of memory commuting.


  1. Hi nice article …could you tell me about what is next technology will use in web development ..thanks

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