There is a big drawback in WhatsApp’s biometric authentication feature. According to the report, WhatsApp has confirmed this.

WhatsAppLockPhoto by Rachit Tank on Unsplash

Popular Instant Messaging App WhatsApp has recently received a new update. Following this update, the lock feature is included in the iPhone that is running on iOS. Users can lock their Whatsapp app under this biometric authentication feature. Touch ID or face ID is required to unlock.

According to the report, the biometric authentication given in the app can be broken. There is a bug that gives users the chance to open without a biometric scan even if the Whatsapp lock is on. I.e. untouched Touch IDs and Face IDs used can be unlocked.

A Reddit has reported it first. This bug only works when the user has not selected Immediately for Biometric Authentication, but the other options are selected. These options have 1 minute, 15 minutes and 1-hour option.

Facebook‘s company Whatsapp has also confirmed that this defect is on this platform and it will be fixed soon.

According to the report of this Reddit user, this bug is activated when a user uses the WhatsApp Share Extension in an app. Under this feature, it should be said that if someone shares a file or message by using share options given on iOS Space, then it will be asked to unlock it. But that does not happen. If Immediately Not Selected, content is shared without being unlocked.

This bug is serious because if an iOS screen share goes to the home screen, it can easily open the Whatsapp app. For this, it does not even need Touch ID and Face ID. Overall, if you have locked the Whatsapp app and set the time in 1 minute or second, then any Whatsapp lock can easily open.



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