Pencil along with iphone 11

iPhone 11 launch date:

Apple will launch its new iPhone 11 in the next month i.e. September. According to media reports, the company may also launch a new iPad and a new MacBook Pro at the launching event. The new iPad will get a 10.2-inch display screen and the MacBook will get a 16-inch screen.

New iPhone supports the pencil

According to the analyst associated with Apple, then the support of Apple Pencil will also be available in the new iPhone 11. If this happens then it will also be the first iPhone to support the pencil. With this help, users will be able to do many things easily. It is believed that this time a 10-megapixel selfie camera and 14-megapixel rear camera can also be found in the top variant of the iPhone.

WWDC launches iPad in 2019

Apple showcased its new iPad during the WWDC 2019 event in the past. The company can launch it with the new iOS 13. The company has given many advanced features in the new iOS13. It also includes Dark Mode for the first time. In this, the home screen has been redesigned, which will give the user a new interface. At the same time, more apps will appear on a page. In this, Split View will get a new update, which will allow users to work on multiple files and documents simultaneously.


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