Corona infected marinas or deaths due to corona worldwide. In both cases, men are far ahead of women. According to experts, there are some specific reasons behind Corona not having such an impact on women.


Coronavirus Affect Women:- Corona is definitely not hunting by looking at the country, city, religion, caste. But it is definitely making gender differences. According to research and statistics around the world, Corona is making a special difference between men and women. The corona victims are getting more. While women are less. Corona infected marinas or deaths due to corona worldwide. In both cases, men are far ahead of women. According to experts, there are some specific reasons behind Corona not having such an impact on women.

From the British royal family to the vegetable dealer in India, the Coronavirus has left no one. Every mango people are caught in these clutches of the virus. It is said that the coronavirus is not attacking anyone’s caste, religion, or age. Rather, everyone is being hunted from one line. But perhaps now this virus has started discriminating too. Statistics show that even though this virus of Kovid-19 has not seen caste, religion, or age. But it has learned to differentiate between man and woman.

The epidemic of Kovid-19 is impacting men and women differently. Moreover, this virus is showing different effects not only on the health of men and women but also on the condition of the gardener. Will try to understand these situations further. But at the moment, understand why the coronavirus is ineffective on women. If we look at the statistics of those who get infected and die from the corona, then it will be known that this virus is also now making gender differences.

For example, out of the total deaths in India from Corona so far, 80 percent are males and 20 percent females. In Italy, 68 percent of men who die from Corona is 32 percent women. 64 percent of men in China is 36 percent women. In the US, 62 percents are male and 48 percent female, while in Pakistan, 80 percent of men die from corona, while 20 percent are women. 63 percent of men in Spain are 37 percent of women. In Germany too, 63 percent are male and 37 percent are female.

Australia has 60 percent of males and 40 percent females. In Sweden also this ratio is only 60-40. There is a slight difference in Iran. Amongst those who died of the corona, 59 percent were male, while 41 percent were female. 56 percent of men and 44 percent of women are in Canada, while 53 percent of men died of corona in South Korea, while 47 percent of women. Whereas according to a study, about 58% of the cases of corona infection reported in the world are men and 42% are women.

The question is why this virus of Corona is showing such discrimination. Why is it wreaking havoc on the men on one side and on the other side it seems ineffective on women. The team of researchers, who keep the details of the number of people who died due to coronavirus, are trying to find the reason. According to a recent study of the European Heart Journal on thousands of people from 11 countries, research was done on both the male and female patients of Corona. In which it was found that the biggest reason for men to become more infected with corona.

ACE-2 protein is found in much more blood in men than women. Actually, ACE-2 means angiotensin-converting enzyme-2 only when the virus enters the human cell. These proteins are found in large quantities in the testicles of men besides lungs, heart, kidneys, and intestines. Due to which coronavirus infection is happening more in men than women. Whereas women have significantly lower ACE-2 protein than men. The function of ACE-2 protein in a healthy human body is to control blood pressure. To fight any virus, the genes of the immune system are found more on the X chromosome. This is why women’s immunity is good. Because they contain two X chromosomes, only one in men.

Overall, nature is also having a unique joke with men these days. One, unlike his habit, he is imprisoned in homes. And secondly, the risk of getting infected on their exit is also high. According to Professor Philip Golder of Oxford University, because of the good immunity of women, they have more power to withstand the outbreak of any virus. At the same time, apart from having less immunity among men than women, the habit of intoxication among them also takes them to the Danger Zone. Due to which there is more possibility of any disease to flourish in them.

It is very easy for cigarette smokers to suffer from any kind of infection due to weak lungs. And of course, men smoke more cigarettes than women. Apart from this, while smoking cigarettes, the hand also repeatedly goes to the mouth. Therefore, the risk of infection is also high. At the same time, coronavirus is attacking them even more. Whose medical history is there? For example, people with heart problems have diabetes or cancer. Talking about these diseases, these are also more common in men than women. The situation is not even better for the elderly in lockdown. Older men are more likely to be infected with corona. At the same time, the chances of recovery in infected women are also high. But its effect on health


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