Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger:- Facebook is on track to make its instant messaging app Messenger completely standalone. Initially, the user had to have a Facebook account to use Messenger, but now you can sign up for Direct Messenger only.

Now in Messenger, the company is supporting Face ID and fingerprint scanner lock. According to Matt Navara, who keeps track of social media news, Facebook has started releasing support for Touch ID and Face ID for Messenger.

This feature is currently being released for iOS. A screenshot has also been shared in which this new feature can be seen.

Now after the introduction of this feature, apart from Facebook, Messenger can be locked separately. Once enabled, you can set how long this app can remain unlocked.

It works like other app lock features. For example, you will be able to go into settings and set how long you want to keep it open without a face or touch ID.

You will get four options in lock durations. Under the first option, as soon as the messenger app will stop using, a password will be required to open it again. The second option is of 1 minute.

Under the third option, you can open for 15 minutes without touch or face ID. Apart from this, you can also select for 1 hour.

Significantly, WhatsApp also did not have the feature of the first lock, but the company has recently released this feature. In the coming time, this update will also be given for Android. Only after that Android users will be able to use the Messenger Lock feature.

This feature given in Messenger is currently on a beta stage. If you are an app tester, you can use it beta. In the coming time, the company will release its final build, then it will be available to everyone.


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