Hyperloop coming in India:

Virgin Hyperloop One will work on the project to be started between Mumbai and Pune. The company has got the green signal for this project from the government side.

Hyperloop is a series of tubes that contain pods. It is possible to have zero friction and airless travel. Therefore, this is a lot faster than a general train or a bullet train.

The testing of Hyperloop One is done in Las Vegas. However, the company has not reached the theoretical speed till now. Because the company says that it requires more track for it.

Max Speed ​​of Hyperloop One is 1,220 kilometers per hour. But it has not been tested yet. During testing, it moves at a speed of 370kmph.

After starting Hyperloop One, travel from Pune to Mumbai can be done in 35 minutes. A Dubai company is investing in India for this project.

For the first time, Hyperloop’s Context Tesla and Space X CEO Elon Musk had introduced. Now the British company Virgin is ready to bring it to India.

The company believes that Phase 1 of Hyperloop One can be started in the next year i.e. 2020. The company has just guessed it. Infrastructure will be built in Phase 1.

According to Virgin Hyperloop One India and Middle East Managing Director, after the commercial launch, the Pune-Mumbai corridor can be transformed into a large economy.

Virgin Hyperloop One CEO Jay Walder has said, ‘History is being made. This race is for the first Hyperloop One transport system in the world and today the announcement goes forward to India. This is a big step taken by the public to deliver Hyperloop. ‘

If this project is successful then India will become the first country in the world where the Hyperloop Passenger system will be used. So far, its commercial launch has not been anywhere in the world.


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