Google Will Be Released New Feature For Gmail User

Google will soon be releasing a new feature for its Gmail users. With this new feature, if any Gmail users are on holiday, then other users who contact that Gmail or Hangout chat will get an alert through a notification that they are on leave.

The company said that this feature will be released for G-Suite only for Google enterprise customers. The feature will be rolled out globally on 16 September. It is expected that after some time it can also be released for the common users of Gmail.

The company further said that the user has to enter ‘Out of Office (OOO)’ in the calendar. After which any other user will try to contact via Gmail or Hangout chat, then it will see the status of ‘OOO’. At the same time, the user sending Gmail will see the banner of Out of Office in the Compos window. If the user does not want to share this message in another G-suite app, then he can also change the access permission by going to the calendar settings.


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