If your password has been stolen in some kind of hacking or someone else has used it, now Google will help you. Earlier, the company had issued an extension to check the password, but the company has now decided to make it an inbuilt feature. The company says that this will provide real-time password protection and for this, you will not need any extension.

Significantly, Google Password Manager syncs to Android and Chrome. The company is now bringing a new Password Checkup feature which will analyze whether your login is not part of any major security breach. This feature will be inbuilt.

If your account password is breached in a major hacking, then Google will advise you to change the password. If you are using a weak password, then Google will also alert you for this. For this, a built-in feature will be provided in Chrome.

In February this year, Google launched the password checkup extension for its web browser Chrome. According to the company, this extension was downloaded 10 million times. But now soon Google Chrome will have a built-in password checkup. That is, after this, users will not need any extension. Google has said that the company is bringing this tool with the security issue.

Google has given the option of checkup in the same Google account. This can explain whether your password has been compromised or not. If you use Last Pass Password Manager, then such a feature is also given in that tool. You can check this by accessing


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