Google-New Features

Google has released some features related to privacy and security for smartphone users. These features include auto delete, incognito in maps and password checkup tool. Although the company had already announced it, now it is being released. In May, during the I / O Developer Conference, the company told that Incognito mode is also being given in the maps.

Incognito in Google Maps

Incognito mode has been given in Google Chrome for a long time. History is not saved in your system by browsing in this mode but remains on Google’s server. Now Incognito mode will be given in Google Maps. Under this, users can use Google Maps without saving in their location map. Under this, search and location history will not be visible when using maps.

Incognito’s feature in Google Maps can be used from the main menu next to the user profile photo. This update will be available for Android users from October this month and after that iPhone users will get its update.

Auto Delete feature

This is also a privacy-focused feature. Under this feature, you can use the auto-delete feature for location history. Not only this, but this feature can also be used for search and browsing activity. The company is also bringing this feature for YouTube’s search and viewing history. You can set when your history will be deleted and on this basis, the company will delete the history. Currently, the company has kept the auto-delete feature on three or 18 months, but the company should offer the auto-delete feature at short time intervals.

Password Checkup

This feature can replace Google’s password checkup tool, which the company launched in February. If you enter a password that has been compromised in a data breach, then Google will fire you.



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