Sundar Pichai

Google CEO Sundar Pichai

People on the Professional Social Networking site LinkedIn are applying to Google CEO. Google CEO is Sundar Pichai and Google is not currently restoring CEO. But how did that happen? How are people on LinkedIn applying for Google’s CEO post?

Microsoft‘s social networking website, which usually uses people to find jobs, has found a serious drawback. The company has also acknowledged this flaw. It can also say a bug.

In fact, this job has been found in the job posting. Under this, there was an option to post any job to LinkedIn by paying some money. A linked recruiter named Michel Rijnders, from the Netherlands wrote a post. In this post, he has explained the whole way that this is possible.

Google CEO’s job at LinkedIn, looks like real. Although now it has been removed but can be seen clearly in the screenshot.

In the LinkedIn Post of Michel Rijnders, it is written, “Posting jobs at LinkedIn is very easy. Nobody can do this by paying a small amount. Here are just a few details to write, like the employer. The problem is right here. I can also post jobs by becoming an employer. ‘

Michel Rijnders has said in a tweet, “Never thought of the fact that the LinkedIn loophole would also make my job post for CEO of Google appear on Google Jobs”. They also shared a screenshot here.

A user has written on Twitter that he has applied for the job of Google CEO on LinkedIn. The user, Parthi Loganathan, wrote in a tweet: “Applying to be CEO of Google on LinkedIn. Sundar’s been doing a great job so far. $GOOG Q2 earnings were strong, so a little strange to see this opening”

After this LinkedIn responded to this mistake while replying. LinkedIn has said, ‘Michel Rijnders, thank you, we have removed the posting and we are fixing the problem due to which the post went live there is no place for Fake jobs and we have to stop it Are committed. ‘


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