Google Ban Huawei Smartphones

Chinese tech company Huawei’s stars are currently seen in the street. Especially the company is getting quite a setback in the US. The US government thinks that the Chinese company Huawei is working as a Chinese government agent for US espionage and due to this, American President Donald Trump has taken stern steps against Huawei.

Huawei has already been banned in the US, but now Google has canceled the license of Android from Huawei. Reports of news agency Reuters reported it and later it has been confirmed. Huawei’s newer smartphones Google Apps and Services will also not have access to

It is possible that Huawei’s smartphones will also be locked out of Google Maps, YouTube, Google Play Store, and other essential Google apps. From this, the company’s customers, including Huawei, can have a big impact.

Although Google has not canceled the license of Android for Huawei itself, it is adhering to the order of Google American Commerce Department. A Google spokesman said in a statement, “We are following the order and are reviewing it.” Google Play Protect and Security Protection will continue to be available in existing smartphones of Huawei

Google’s decision will not make any difference in the current smartphone’s smartphones, but if the situation remains such a thing, it will definitely be difficult for smartphones users. After this Google decision, Huawei will not be able to use the Android Open Source Project. This means that Google’s apps and services will not be available on the phone at Huawei.

Significantly, pressure has been put on the continuation of the American president Donald Trump’s government. The reason for this is that the United States is afraid that the Chinese government is seeking help from Huawei to spy the US network.

America and the Battle of Huawei are not new. Last year, American intelligence agencies feared the use of Huawei and ZTE devices, and American politicians termed Huawei as part of a Chinese government.

Huawei says that it is not possible for the Chinese government to put something for spying on their device. The company has expressed hope that the business will be in the future.

Overall, for now, it’s just that millions of crores have become difficult for smartphone users. Because still, it is not clear what will affect its users. The company will provide its software in the same amount of time that the smartphones will sell, or the company will not launch the phone until the license is completed with Android.

Let you know that Huawei is also working on his operating system. But seeing the popularity of Android, it is difficult to say that without Android what would be the future of smartphones.



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