Google has partnered with some cybersecurity companies to reduce malware attacks on Android.


If you use Android smartphones, then many times your device may have been victimized by a malware attack. The day comes the news that many apps have been found on the Google Play Store that steals your information. These include malware, Clickware, adware, and dangerous ransomware.

Google has partnered with some cybersecurity companies to tackle Android malware. It is being called the App Defense Alliance. Under this, smartphones can be protected from such malware attacks by detecting new threats.

Let us tell you that Google started Google Play Protect in 2017. Its main function is to scan the apps of Google Play Store. The company claims that it continuously scans five lakh applications. However, so far, malware has not been completely controlled on the Google Play Store.

The company is integrating its Google Play Protect Malware Detection System into each of its partner scanning engines. This means that the third party app can be tested better before bringing it to the Google Play Store.

Google has partnered with ESET, Lookout, and Zimperium under the App Defense Alliance. Users will be affected by App Defense Alliance, as it may reduce malware attacks on Android than before. However, it is not like this that malware can be completely controlled.

Significantly, there are 2.5 billion Android users worldwide. The company has said that because of this Android remains the target. There are several ways in which malware is primarily targeted. In order to deal with this, the company has removed many companies’ apps from the Google Play Store earlier.


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