5 Tips To Be Healthy:- Health is just like wealth. Until we lose it, we don’t understand it’s a real value. At the point when there are some serious issues going on identified with our health, at exactly that point we state No! Presently I need to deal with my health. In the event that we take care before we get sick, we don’t need to confront the torment of infections. The time and vitality you spend every day on your mobile phone, if you invest only that amount of time and energy on your health, then you have no idea how much your life can be improved. So, I will share with you 5 simple and easy to implement tips which are much more effective.

1. Sleep on your left side that why we should always sleep on our left side. According to the structure of our stomach, if we sleep on our right side then the stomach acids can cause a lot of problems in our health. Like improper digestion, problem in blood flow, heartburn. On the other hand, if we sleep on our left side, the stomach acids can do their work more efficiently and as a result digestion happen very well.

2. Water drink reminder In our busy life most of us totally forget to drink water time to time. Or on the other hand, exactly when we feel parched, we drink a smidgen to extinguish the thirst. Which isn’t great at all for our health.

3. Walk all the more According to WHO that is World Health Organizations suggestion we have to walk 8000 steps every day so as to remain healthy and fit. What number of steps do you walk every day? I consider most you can’t answer the inquiry accurately. Lord Kelvin said, If you can’t quantify it, you can’t enhance it, so to gauge your day by day steps you can utilize a fitness tracker. It will help you with getting a definite thought of what is your present day by day normal advances and the amount you should expand it. Use stairs instead of the lift, or you can just walk here and there in your house also, little is more.

4. Chew your food 32 times According to Ayurveda, the foundation of our each illness is our stomach. If we can keep our stomach healthy, then we can easily stay healthy. The primary two things that are required for a healthy stomach – 1. Keeping away from junk foods, 2. Have a decent absorption control. In both the two cases it will be extremely useful on the off chance that you can eat your food in the wake of chewing it 32 times. Any junk food, in the event that you chew it for 32 times and, you swallow it, you will see it won’t feel so delicious any longer. On the other side, if you chew any healthy food for 32 times, it will be more tasty to eat. So in the event that you can make it a propensity for chewing your food 32 times, at that point naturally you will not any more prefer to eat junk foods by any stretch of the imagination. And furthermore, half of the digestion process should occur while the food is in our mouth. The staying half in our stomach. On the off chance that we swallow the food rapidly, the piece of the mouth stays fragmented and accordingly, we experience the ill effects of various digestion issues. So if we can make it a habit of chewing our food 32 times, then we can easily overcome many of these problems.

5. Create a healthy environment If your all close friends are like this, that they all day keep eating junk foods, for whom being lazy is cool and doing exercise is boring. What’s more, they used to smoke 10 to 12 cigarettes every day, likewise numerous regularly they celebrate with alcohol party, on the off chance that every one of them pursues this sort of lifestyle, usually for you to embrace a similar sort of lifestyle to adapt up to them. Then again, if your friends are health conscious, who normally work out, keep away from junk foods however much as could be expected, at that point usually for you to receive a comparative lifestyle like them. So if the conceivable attempt to pick your nearest 5 people in existence with whom you invest the vast majority of the energy in multi-day, who are health conscious. Who comprehend that Health is the genuine wealth and furthermore practice it. Also if your freeze is all time packed up with a lot of junk foods like Cad-bury and cold drinks, then stop doing this. In such a case that your own room is loaded with junk foods then it is useless to attempt to be healthy. Since it will turn out to be unreasonably hard for you. So attempt to make a healthy environment around you, which will dependably propel you to lead a healthy lifestyle.



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