Christchurch New Zealand

Christchurch: The day of March 15th. In the afternoon, an armed shooter rained indiscriminately on two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. More than 27 people are reported to have died. The Bangladeshi cricket team also read the prayer here. The players had to run away and return to the ground. The third test was canceled between New Zealand and Bangladesh. The New Zealand Police has taken the attacker into custody.

But the most important thing is that the 28-year-old Australian youth shared a Manifesto 74 page on his social media account before attacking these two mosques. Although New Zealand Police has suspended the Twitter handles of this young man, this manifesto is present in the media. In this, the young man has told many reasons behind his attack. Take a look at these 11 reasons which have been included in this manifesto.

1. As long as one white man is alive, he will not allow his country to capture the external invaders. They will never be able to occupy our land and they will never be able to take our place.
I am doing this attack in exchange for the lives of thousands of thousands of people who have taken these exterior invaders from Europe for centuries.

2. I am doing this attack to replace those Islamic people who have kept us in prison for years.

3. I am doing this attack in lieu of the lives of those killed in various terrorist attacks on European land.

4. I am doing this for the revenge of the assault of Abba Eerland (Abba was an 11-year-old girl who died in the terrorist attack in Stockholm in Stockholm in April 2017)

5. This attack is just to prevent the settlement of outsiders in Europe. I will scare them down and kill them.

6. I want to tell the political enemies of my people that if our people were detained then similar incidents would happen in the end.

7. I want to spread the spirit of violence and change and create a split among my European people and these outsiders.

8. I want to take revenge on the matter where European women, men, and children have given their lives in a never-ending battle to save their identity and their land. Those people just wanted to know because they wanted to rid their land of this foreign dirt.

9. I want to show you how to do direct action. I am showing the way to those who think like me and want to get rid of their ancestors’ land from these foreign invaders. I want to tell that they are not the only ones.

10. I want to create an atmosphere of fear where only the most revolutionary, strong and intense efforts will be made for change.

11. I want to speed up the pendulum of history, I want to force the Western society to become united, to come together so that they can come out of the present-day, thoughtful, selfish and meaningless thinking that has dominated Western thinking.


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