smart feature phones

New Delhi: Increasing sales of smart feature phones will create opportunities for revenues of $ 28 billion in the next three years. This information is given in the new study of Counterpoint. Counterpoint Research Director Neil Shah said that by the end of the year 2021, 30 million smart feature phones are expected to be sold worldwide, which would generate much revenue. In the year 2018, the biggest contribution made in India in the demand for Smart Feature Phones.

Smart Feature Phone is a device which is in the size and design of traditional feature phones, but it has a chipset and operating system, which provides features such as sophisticated smartphones, with high-speed Internet access as well as applications and services. The ecosystem is involved.

Tarun Pathak, associate director of Counterpoint Research, said that in the year 2018, the global demand for smart feature phones has increased by 252% over the year-on-year basis, whereas smart feature phones in the total feature phones have only 16% stake.

The reader said that India has been the biggest contributor to this demand. However, demand for smart feature phones will increase in markets like the US, UK, South East Asia, and Africa. We estimate that by the year 2021, the feature of the Smart Feature Phone will increase in the global feature phone market by more than half.



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