TikTok's Rival
Instagram Reels

Facebook has launched the official TikTok’s Rival, which you can also call a clone of the Tick Talk app. Although Instagram Reels have arrived since last month, the company has now announced to launch it in 50 countries simultaneously.

Since there is a tick talk ban in India and there is talk of banning it in America. Therefore, Facebook wants to capitalize on this opportunity well. The founder of Tick Talk has also accused Facebook of stealing the feature of this app and copying the entire app.

However, speaking of Instagram Reels, it is not a standalone app, but a feature of Instagram itself. Under this, users can make multi-clips of 15 seconds. Audio, effects, and new creative tools can be added to this clip.

Facebook has said that Instagram can share on reels feed. Public account users can share with the community in the Instagram community. The company has said that under the reels, anyone can become a creator on Instagram and reach a new global audience.

Instagram Reels feature will be able to use this way

Instagram users will get this feature bot near the camera. Here are several different creative editing tools that are on the left side of the screen.

Audio, AR effects, timer, and countdown align, and speed tools are provided in Instagram Reels. Short clips can be edited using them.

The interface designed to view Instagram Reels also resembles TikTok. The featured option has been given for reels. In the Explore section, you can see the reels made by other users.

Reel featured option

According to the company, the featured label will also be seen in some reels. If a user’s reels are featured in the Explore section, then they will be notified. Instagram will bring the featured reels to this section.


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