Facebook has deleted 2.2 billion accounts

Social media giant Facebook has deleted 2.2 billion accounts. According to the company, these were fraudulent accounts and it is the biggest strike from Facebook on Facebook. Let us tell you that the company had also deleted 1.2 billion face accounts before that the company had removed these accounts between October and December.

Facebook has released an information report, in which Facebook is referring to the action taken from October 2018 to March 2019. During this time Facebook has removed accounts and posts which were fake. In three months, the company has removed more than 2.2 billion fake accounts and posts.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said, “Understanding the spread of warm content helps both the corners and the workers to make better systems and deal with them.

Facebook has estimated that still 5% of the total of 2.4 billion monthly active users are feared, i.e. they are feigning 119 million accounts. In the previous report, this figure was 3 to 4%, but now the number has increased. According to the report, Facebook has not only deleted the Fake account but also deleted the post.

Facebook has said that the company has removed about 7.3 million posts, photos and other material from the Facebook Platform. The reason is that these posts violated the company’s rules and were hate speakers. In the last six months, such posts were 5.4 million, which increased to 7.3 million.

Facebook has said that the post with 65% hate speech is the identity of the company itself, without any report. The company has done this in the first three months of 2019. Last month, in the same month, the company had removed posts with 52 percent hate speech.

It is notable that Facebook claims that the company has thousands of employees to review the fake news, photos, posts, comments, and videos. Along with this, the company also uses Artificial Intelligence for it, but so far no major change has been noticed.



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