Facebook can launch a new messaging app for Instagram. Through this app, the company is preparing to compete with Snapchat.

Facebook Can Bring New Messaging App Thread

Facebook Can Bring New Messaging App Thread

According to the report, Facebook is working on a new messaging app. The name of this messenger app will be Thread. It is being told that the company is designing it in such a way that close friends can share information with each other here.

According to a report by The Verge, Facebook’s Thread messaging app is for Instagram users. It can also be used as an Instagram messenger. People can share even the smallest personal information like location, speed and battery life with close friends in the Thread app.

The report says that Facebook is currently testing it and it is being made keeping in mind the communication between the close friends of Instagram. However, so far Facebook has not said anything about launching any Thread app.

Actually, Facebook wants people to devote maximum time to the Instagram app. The Verge report states that average Snapchat users spend more time inside the app than Instagram. So perhaps the company wants to engage the user even more by bringing a standalone thread app.

Significantly, Facebook has informed about the merger plan of the three platforms in January. Under this merger plan, the company will work to make WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram a cross-platform messaging service. That is, messaging can be done directly from WhatsApp on Messenger or Instagram, and similarly, you can be messaged on WhatsApp with Insta and Messenger.


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