Yair-NetanyahuYair Netanyahu Photo Source : Facebook

Yair Netanyahu, the eldest son of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, tweeted that due to anti-Muslim post, Facebook blocked his account for 24 hours. He termed this move of social networking site as “dictatorship”.

After the fatal attacks from Palestine, Yair Netanyahu posted on his Facebook page that all Muslims would leave Israel.

Yair had written in one of his posts that there are only two possible solutions to peace, “either leave all the Jewish Israel or all Muslims leave Israel.” He wrote, ‘I give the other option to the person.’

Yair Netanyahu made this comment when two soldiers were shot dead in an attack on a bus station near a settlement in central West Bank on Thursday.

On this day, in another attack near nearby, a woman was injured due to a bullet injury, which gave birth to this woman prematurely. Later on 9 December, the child died too.

Facebook removed Yair Netanyahu’s post site On this he criticized Facebook on Twitter and termed its move as “dictatorship”.


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