Facebook has stepped up one step in brain-reading technology. The company has released an update which explains how to be written just by thinking.

brain computer interface

Facebook announced the brain-computer interface:

Social media company Facebook has told about its plans for brain-reading computer interfaces. This company is being developed in collaboration with scientists of the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF).

Facebook is working on technology brain-reading. Under this, a demonstration has been done for a method which can read a whole phrase from the brain. There is still a technology under which it can be written thinking. That is still possible with the brain-computer interface.

During the 2017 Developer Conference, the company had placed the idea of ?? brain reading and now the company has issued an update stating that the project is moving forward.

There is a division of Facebook that works on hardware called Facebook Reality Labs. Through Nature Communication Journal, it has been tried to show how the researchers have come directly from the brains of the speakers on the computer screen.

Researchers have worked with three patients who were undergoing treatment for Epilepsy for this research. Researchers have spent years by implanting their electrodes in their brains. Researchers have said that this finding will prove beneficial for those patients who can not speak due to brain injuries. Communication devices can be created for them.

Facebook has also made it clear that it will not come for technology customers right now. Because now the development of brain-reading technology is in its initial stages and it is just like the first step.

Tesla and Founder of Space X Elon Musk recently did a Demonstration of a Technology. Under this, he said that a chip will be installed in the mind of the person and it can be controlled through mobile phone. Actually, it will also be used for treatment. According to the report, Google is also working on such brain readings technology.



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