Due to smoking addiction, functioning and stress due to various reasons, unhygienic food, insufficient physical labor and more salt and packaged foods, the risk of heart attack is mainly due to the increase in youth. The doctors also warned that unless a concrete step is taken, the risk of heart attack in youth is not going to be reduced.

The Health Expert says that the risk of heart attack in young people is not going to decrease unless a concrete move is taken. Today’s problem is that we are adopting a very unhealthy lifestyle and there is no scope for much physical work in such a lifestyle.

He said, “Today the youth is under very high pressure on the mental and physical condition. The main solution to this problem is that we should make a comprehensive change in our lifestyle and if we do so, it will prevent premature birth of heart attack. can go.”

According to a study, approximately 30 percent of patients admitted to the hospital are under 40 years of age. At the same time, the youth, who smoke 10 cigarettes throughout the day, fear of having heart problems increases 50 percent. Smoking and Bad food increase cholesterol levels, increasing heart rate 50 percent and increasing blood pressure by 30 percent.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), cardiovascular diseases kill 17 million and 70 thousand people every year worldwide.

Health Expert further said, youth are pillars of our country and attention should be given to issues related to the health of youth. Among all the diseases, non-communicable diseases, including cardiovascular disease, are the biggest threat to them. Modern lifestyle is most responsible for this. Other habits related to the lifestyle that cause heart attacks include the habit of not exercising and excessive consumption of junk food.

He said that in addition to this, youths spend their time through smartphones, tabs, computers, laptops etc. which are very harmful to our hearts.

According to the Health Expert, cardiovascular disease has become one of the main causes of death. People are suffering from cardiovascular disease due to their lifestyle. Apart from this, we face a lot of stress in our daily lives and due to this, our heart is in danger.

He said that in such a situation it is necessary to stay away from smoking, alcohol intake and junk food and make physical work.


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