America’s company Apple has blocked Facebook’s internal application. According to the news, Facebook’s Research App users were used to take root access to phones. Instead of paying $ 20 a month to Facebook users. In the wake of the security of users, Apple has blocked Facebook’s Research app. Not only this, but the company has also revoked the Enterprise Certificate given by Facebook. Through this certificate, Facebook provided internal apps to people listed on any app on the app store. This information is given in a media report.

what Apple says?

In this case, Apple has stated that the company’s Enterprise Developer Program is designed for internal distribution of apps only. Under this, no company can use the app to collect data. But Facebook was using this membership to distribute the data collection app. This is against Apple’s policy. This keeps the user’s personal data at risk.

These Facebook’s apps:

According to media reports, Facebook has been using three beta testing service applause, beta bound, and uTest from the year 2016. Through these apps, Facebook takes full access to smartphones from 13 to 35 years of age. Facebook also gives money to people. At the same time, Facebook has announced that he is removing his app from the app store. About this whole issue, Facebook has said that these apps are not detecting any person. Data is taken from the users who have participated in this program. They are given money as well.

Facebook affected:

According to some reports, after the move by Apple, Facebook’s internal communication system was badly affected. This means that Facebook employees are not able to use their own internal software on their iPhone. Apart from this, employees are not able to access work schedules and other important information. In addition, the interactive testing versions of Facebook have also been affected.



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