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US President Donald Trump has announced the Emergency to be imposed in the whole country on the ongoing deadlock over the US-Mexico border. Let the Congress in the American Parliament protest against the construction of this wall. Now Donald Trump of Emergency Announcement can grant funds to build a wall on Mexico border.

In the US Parliament only approves financial proposals for all types of government expenditures. The US parliament is opposing the proposal to build a wall on the US-Mexico border. Because of this, the confrontation between Trump and Parliament is going on. Trump has announced the National Emergency by seeing the National Security and Human Crisis on the Southern Border from Rose Garden.

Trump said that I am going to sign the National Emergency. He said that this wall is very important to prevent the attacks of drugs, gangs, human trafficking and migrants on the American border with Mexico. We are going to face a national security crisis on our southern border. So we are going to announce the National Emergency, we have to do it.

Explain, Trump demanded $ 5 billion from the American Parliament for the construction of this wall about 200 miles long. He got only $ 1.3 billion of the fund from Parliament. Trump was unhappy with it. After the Emergency announcement, Trump said on Friday that I did not have to do this, but I am doing it very fast.

According to the media report, Trump will now collect funds from several areas to build a wall. According to White House officials, about $ 600 million from the Treasury Forest Fund, $ 2.5 billion from Defense Department anti-drug activities and $ 3.6 billion from other military building accounts will be funded. Trump will not do any cuts in the Disaster Relief Fund.

A law of 1976 empowers the President to declare a national emergency. Even before Trump, many presidents have set a national emergency. During the outbreak of Swine Flu in 2009, Barack Obama and George W. Bush declared the National Emergency after the 9/11 attacks. So far 31 times in the United States, the National Emergency has been announced. During the Emergency, the President can use those specific powers, which will be within the ambit of the law of the American Parliament.



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