Keeping diabetes in control is not only necessary but also extremely difficult. Diabetes patients your weight with your diet, the medicine and the need to pay special attention to all those things that have their blood sugar levels may increase. People use different types of medicines to keep diabetes in control. But by taking many home remedies you can also keep your blood sugar in control.

Yes, greenback seeds, celery powder to be very beneficial in diabetes. But there is one thing besides this, which gives a lot of benefit to the patients of diabetes and that is bitter gourd. You may be surprised to know because most people do not like bitter gourd, but bitter gourd is very effective in diabetes.

Plant insulin is found in polypeptide P in bitter gourd. It helps keep blood sugar in control.

– Pharmacognosy and Faitokamistry Journal said, ‘Charantin’ for diabetes patients is an important compound. This compound is present in bitter gourd, which is very helpful in keeping diabetes in control.

How to do a diabetes patient’s intake of bitter gourd-

Diabetes patients can eat bitter gourd in a vegetable or any type of food. Apart from this, take out the peel of the bitter gourd and take out its seeds. After this, make bitter gourd a juice in a mixer and drink it daily.

Note- Please contact your doctor before making any changes to your diet.


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