Every relationship looks very beautiful in the beginning. But over time, the glow of relationships starts to fade. Some people get away from their partner when a relationship is cracked, so many couples are also bound in an unhappy and stressful relationship. Have you ever wondered why people live in such a relationship, which only gives them trouble?

Researchers at the University of Utah claim that people do not want to leave their partner as well because they feel that their partner is more dependent on them. Leaving the partner, he will not be able to live alone.

At the same time, in the past few research reports, it was revealed that people do not leave the partner due to their personal needs and remain tied in a bad relationship. Actually, some people are afraid of loneliness, while some people think that they will not get any other partner.

However, on the basis of the new study it can be said that due to the feeling of sympathy towards the partner, people do not break from a partner. According to a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, those who feel that their partners depend heavily on them, they do not break from a partner. On the basis of the study, it can be said that people are tied in an unhealthy relationship for the happiness of their partner rather than their happiness.

Please tell, this study has been done in two parts. In the first phase, try to know about people living in about 1,348 romantic relationships for 10 weeks. However, in the second phase, information was collected from 500 people who were thinking about making a backup.

The study’s chief researcher and Professor Samantha Joel of the Assistant Psychology at the University of Utah say that seeing the dedication of the partner’s self, people are not able to break-up even with their partner.


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