This skin made from Nano Machine is effective in changing the color like a chameleon.

artificial skin

Artificial Skin, Will Change The Appearance Of Human Being

Researchers in Cambridge have created a color-changing artificial skin. This skin made from Nano-machine is effective in changing the color like a chameleon. Some special applications of this particular skin become active as the temperature changes, which will change the skin color.

Scientists have prepared it with the help of fine gold-coated particles in polymers and water vapor in oil. Research related to this particular skin has been published this week in General Advanced Optical Material. The report claimed that the color-changing material present in the skin gets converted into bunches of water vapor with the heat of light.

After this, as the heat will be more or less due to the light, the skin color will start changing. However, this skin cannot be compared to chameleon, cuttlefish or other color-changing species. Color-changing organisms are known as chromatophores.

These organisms are able to change their color due to the pigments present in the skin. This pigment occurs all over the body and spreads to the rescue when in danger. These creatures often do this to hide or protect themselves in the event of danger.



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